Mobile Locksmith

Being a mobile locksmith we can open, replace and repair existing locks on your premises when locksmith

Car Opening

A car opening service is also provided in the unfortunate situation of customers locking their keys in their car. This becomes a greater risk in some makes of cars as the car ages and electrical systems become more troublesome. Always make sure to have a second key cut, even a mechanical key just to open the vehicle which is inexpensive to do.

Lock Changing

Lock changing / replacing is one of the most common jobs a mobile locksmith is asked to do. This is usually when a key has been lost / stolen. or a newly purchased house or business where keys in circulation cannot be accounted for.

All Lock & Safe will also advise when at your premises on improving security. It is also good practice to reduce the amount of keys you use ( keying alike locks ). We recommend installing at least one Euro Thumb Turn cylinder and supplying and fitting window restrictors if required.

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