Domestic and Commercial

All Lock & Safe can repair/replace every type of lock and safe on in your home or business  premises throughout the Cork / Kerry region. We also advise on improving your security and reducing the amount of keys you need, ie: keying alike your locks.


There are many types of locks found on homes that number in the hundreds.home

Externally, Multipoint locking types are the most common in Irish homes and over time  they wear out and break.

Sometimes the lock will give you some warning that it will fail in the future by becoming difficult to lock or unlock. This is when you should call a locksmith to inspect it and replace it if necessary.

Other times a door will either not lock or will not unlock without warning at the most inconvenient time making it a costly experience to get a locksmith out to you after hours.

The most common internal type of door lock in an Irish home is the Basta 2 lever or Union 2 lever sash door lock. This type of lock is low security and are generally made of cheaper materials. This greatly reduces the lifespan and again can fail at the most inconvenient time.
These locks can generally be replaced easily by the home owner but if the door is locked you will require the services of a locksmith ( not a handyman ).

When a house is purchased it is a wise decision to have the locks in the home changed. This can be as simeple as having  cylinders replaced or rekeyed. The main reason behind this is you will not know how many keys are in existence.
As a rule I always key alike ( one key does all ) multiple locks, for convenience.


The same rule generally applies to commercial locks. The main difference being  locks that are more robust than domestic locks. The most common requirement for commercial premises is key control.Restricted lock cylinders are usually fitted in this environment. This means only authorized staff or managers can get duplicate keys cut. These will be highlighted on the website. High security lock cylinders are another popular option. These have qualities such as: anti pick, anti drill, anti bumb and anti snap. These lock cylinders will also be highlighted on the website.


We supply and fit all types of domestic and commercial safes. We can supply and fit a safe to meet your security needs and budget. We also can assist in safe opening.

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