Automotive Security

Customers can get all  types of vehicle keys, door locks and ignitions repaired or replaced. Each type of key from a classic car / motorcycle to a current remote key are supplied, cut and car (1)programmed.

A car opening service is provided by All Lock & Safe when keys have been locked in. The cost of this can be greatly reduced by cutting a mechanical key to code if the customer can obtain a code through a dealer.

Lost Car keys:

Most car keys but not all can be cut and programmed for cars with lost keys provided the correct information: ie: mechanical key code and immobiliser code can be presented.

When your vehicle ages so do the parts, keys are no different. In this situation replacement keys can be cut to code which produces a brand new key the same as it left the factory with. This allows the key to turn freely in door locks and ignitions as it should. This key wearing problem is quite common with some of the more popular makes like Toyota, Nissan and Ford.

Existing immobilizer chips can be removed from the old key and inserted to the new Key Shell helping keep cost to a minimum.

Replacement remote Key Shells are now available for nearly every make and model of car. Broken remote keys can also be repaired cost effectively, you can find a list of these on my website.

Broken keys are a very common problem and can be replaced much cheaper than going through a dealer. Please see website for costing under Car Keys or contact us.


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